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Contentment is challenging to describe and often difficult to experience.  This sense of well being, of needing nothing else at this moment seems to be something we all long for, but often have trouble finding.


Content, the base word, suggests that the content of this moment, this space and time is enough. Always enough. When we can let go of longing and clinging we can learn to be content and avoid the suffering of discontent. This is not to say we don’t grieve or aren’t sad or lonely, confused or frustrated. Emotional expression and experience is the richness of color and texture in our lives. However, if we can notice the choices we have in the moment, we can experience our full and deep emotions while learning to rest in the sufficiency of the moment.


There is a murmur in our conversations, and often an unrest in our thoughts. What is next? Will the world survive the changes we are experiencing? Will the divisions in our humanity survive the tensions of our differences?


I had a friend who was dying of cancer and she taught me that the gift of her cancer was that when she was tired, she slept. When she was hungry, she ate. Her radical acceptance of what was, offered her contentment in the face of tragedy.


I wonder how we might alter our sate of being and invite contentment if we could focus with intention on the content of our moments; moment to moment. Contentment is found by the holding the paradox of satisfaction with the content of this moment, while noticing what is calling us to change.


Living in radical acceptance of this both/and reality, without resistance, allows us to embrace the present moment content of our lives. This acceptance of what is, makes contentment available to us every day.

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  1. Linnea Dietrich

    There is a lot here to think about oh Ms. Philosopher, spiritual traveler. Beautifully written. Sounds like a book, The Practice and Art of Contentment, learning to fully accept what is. I also appreciate we need to be aware of our feelings and feel them in the moment and pay attention to how we may be being called forward into the future. Quite a balance. You have issued me a challenge Janet. Along with Sarah Young (Jesus Calling) this morning who invited me to love with Jesus’ never-ending love, rather than my limited supply. It is going to be a blessed day.

    • HealingJourneys

      Thank you Linnea! Another book to write! You are so right, this balance of the both/ands takes both present moment awareness and mindfulness and a vision. Without vision how do we keep our creative selves alive and without present moment radical acceptance how do we find joy? More to ponder and pray about. Never ending love, WITH boundaries…..

      Love, Janet

  2. Here’s to more contentment…something I’ve been struggling with lately. Have work, don’t want it. Don’t have work, wish I did. Inside wishing I was out, outside wishing I was in. Hope to take your post to heart and be more content in the moment.

    • HealingJourneys

      Oh, Bev, how often I have been in your very shoes. These days they don’t fit as well and I am grateful for that. I send you love and contentment when ever possible. Love, Janet

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