Virginia’s Dream

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(Note: This poem is written in honor of Virginia, who was a victim of torture and sex trafficking in Mexico and who by her own clever intelligence and un-failing courage, faith and hope, escaped and was able to take her young child with her in her harrowing escape. Virginia now lives in southern California and has helped countless victims of sex trafficking in Mexico escape their perpetrators. The image of the butterfly is very significant for Virginia. She uses this image in her non-profit work.)





They arrive before the beginning

Embodied in the movement of the unborn child

Cartwheels of hope

A rabbit hat of possibilities

Life forms in the womb of fluid and blood


Dreams – a gift from the ancestors

Early, barely born, they surround the soul

Eyes flutter, a limb twitches

Imagination’s awakening

A kaleidoscope of life’s mosaic


The soul opens its arms to be imprinted

Limited by suffering, or broadened by safety

A butterfly wing brushes the soul

And rests on the heart

It stirs and an image appears


Or was it only a dream

Hope’s Energy takes charge

And harnesses thought

Teams of hoofs paw frantically at the ground

Until a path appears


But the glass is dark and cracked

Absence of certainty is blinding, deafening

Around the corner, and the next

There is light, dimly first

Then joined by others


The raven messenger pecks at the window

Souls deep and far away speak truth

Fear shudders with uncertainty

The dreams shake off the colostrum of birth

Sticky and protective


Take flight

Build huaraches out of cardboard and grass

And begin to run





6 Responses

  1. Bev Bachel

    Lovely…keep on writing…you definitely have a gift.

  2. Beautifully done piece Janet! The energy of bringing recognition to this horrible crime of sex trafficking will ripple through and hopefully at some point in time come to a stop. Best, Kami

    • HealingJourneys

      Thank you Kami! Everything we can do to raise awareness is essential.

  3. Anna Rose Benson

    “Run Now. Run.”
    Good. Thank you, dear Janet.

    • HealingJourneys

      I am so honored you have read some of what I have posted…. We will talk soon. Love…

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