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Poplar trees make a racket

Waxy leaves clattering together

Disturbed by a summer breeze

My reverie is broken




Crows gab gaily

Audacious in their bold cacophony of dialects

Seagulls sing and bleat, calling, warning,

Protecting the downy fluff of their young from the eagle’s talon

And keen eye


Quietly the bumble bee rhythmically hums and circles the space

Behind my head, I know its tune

Distinct from hummingbird in beauty

Vibration, purpose, and post


Noticing – my only chore

I do not have to caw and peck to earn my morning meal

The hummingbird beats its wings a million times

Just to stay in flight


Noticing – my only chore

So why the common ignorance

Many are the casual shrugs

The beer cans left on pristine beach


Water soiled with carless ease

Air polluted, damaged earth

Burning down our neighbor’s house

Spoiling water with our oil


Trusting us, fish and bird and creature all

Soaring, swimming, browse and sing

Never dropping a bomb for our attack

Never raising guns to hold us back


Only peaceful resistance, a steady hold

Insisting on their truth,

Belonging where they are

A look, a swoop, a graceful dip


My silence stings, cuts deep the skin

This fragile membrane of life

Silence kills, I must speak up

Lest some day, this will not be


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