We often seek the reassurance of familiar patterns. Predictability and the familiar create an illusion of safety and even a belief that we have some kind of control over our world, and the transition of time. We only have to pause and observe nature all around us this time of year, to challenge the illusion of everything staying the same. If we could be more like the milkweed and the monarch, allowing the seasons to usher in a new shape, a  new purpose, or a beautiful new vision and possibility, we might find that the flow of life would be more full of ease and beauty.


The milkweed seed lifts and sails

On parachute so finely spun

Promising the monarch

Another day


A simple dance

Of shimmering waxy leaves

Limbs bowing to the great

Turtles sunning


And I wonder how small I am

And how big

Moccasins worn thin

The path strewn with stones


You offered me love

And I drank from the cup

Till empty

Yet not gone


I can now slip in

Unnoticed most often

But deeply immersed

There is no fear


No rules, no limits

Only this breath

And then the next

No promises any more

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  1. Bev Bachel

    As always, great to have one on your lovely poems land in my inbox.

    • HealingJourneys

      Thank you Bev! You have been one of my encouragers….. miss you!

  2. Linnea Dietrich

    You need to come up, we’ll both dress like Bohemians, and you must do a poetry reading at our home for our friends. Simply beautiful writings. We limit ourselves, don’t we…

  3. Beautiful

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