Wind in the trees

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“The essence of all beautiful art, all great art is gratitude.” Friedrich Nietzsche   The wind began in the middle of the night. Sometime in the darkness the crescendo began unnoticed by me. When my consciousness stirred, I listened and … Continued

Solstice 2017

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No rush, midnight, Mid-year, mid-light, shadow free Strings of celestial harmony sing Slowly, bow drawn with intention   Hush – don’t turn away or distract the heart An invitation to pause, listen, wait A flame burns now, once a flicker … Continued


We often seek the reassurance of familiar patterns. Predictability and the familiar create an illusion of safety and even a belief that we have some kind of control over our world, and the transition of time. We only have to … Continued


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    Poplar trees make a racket Waxy leaves clattering together Disturbed by a summer breeze My reverie is broken       Crows gab gaily Audacious in their bold cacophony of dialects Seagulls sing and bleat, calling, warning, Protecting … Continued

Virginia’s Dream

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(Note: This poem is written in honor of Virginia, who was a victim of torture and sex trafficking in Mexico and who by her own clever intelligence and un-failing courage, faith and hope, escaped and was able to take her … Continued


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Recently, I had the privilege of attending a week long writing workshop held at St. Ben’s college in St. Joseph, Minnesota. Initially, I was honored to be asked to attend, but one day into the workshop, taught by Sheila O’Connor, … Continued

Beautiful Imperfections

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It is nearly impossible to travel through this life without comparing ourselves to others or to some expectation or standard – imaginary or real. With those comparisons it is easy to define differences as deficits. I often hear parents of … Continued


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Paper-thin translucent moon Moving west, a fading disappearance Still rolling in the sky Ever challenged by the sun   Chasing the moon’s borrowed illumination With bold and burning fire Pouring a golden light Across the liquid sky     Fading, … Continued

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