My work, as well as my life, have been influenced by my life-long deep desire to understand and celebrate the experience of being human. My passion is to help people understand how we have become who we are, and to explore changes that might be possible. The ways we think, feel, and behave have been shaped throughout our lives, by influences we may not realize were there.

I am a licensed Marriage and Family therapist. My professional training includes specialties in Family Systems theory, Marriage and Family therapy, Psychodynamic theory, Relational Therapy theory, Trauma recovery, Attachment theory, and Interpersonal neurobiology.

My work with people includes focusing on helping those seeking help with a variety of areas such as anxiety, low self esteem, impulse control and addictions, depression, developmental trauma, post-traumatic stress disorder, spirituality, and relationship issues, including family of origin issues and the understanding of and development of Self.

I have specific training and focus on relationship issues, trauma recovery, mind-body issues, mindfulness, spirituality, and developing self confidence and a strong sense of Self. My coaching includes a focus on personal or work place relationships, personal strategic planning, financial management, leadership development, and the artistic and creative expression of self.

It is an honor to work with each and every individual. I prefer our work together to be collaborative and empowering and customized for your specific needs.

You may contact me at jeslmft (at) msn (dot) com