Janet SterkMy work and my life, have been influenced by my life-long deep desire to understand the experience of being human. My philosophy is deeply rooted in the integration of mind, body and spirit. As such, I have tried to see each life, each moment, as sacred and deserving of examination and honor.

I have been a psychotherapist and coach for almost 20 years, but have been searching all of my life to deepen meaning, freedom of spirit and the experience of joy.

Currently, I have a private practice that focuses on personal discovery through psychotherapy and coaching. I also offer workshops on relationship issues, mindfulness, and mind-body awareness and healing. I am a self proclaimed “noticer of life.” Each day offers personal artistry and poetry and an opportunity for inner peace and growth. Gratitude for everything in our lives is not possible, but it is possible to live IN gratitude for life itself.

My teachers have been from many sources; my children and grandchildren offer me opportunities to grow and be open to new ideas and perspectives, my clients are so brave and complex and beautiful, and my circle of friends and family teach me in ways they many never know. I have had an exceptional number of professors and mentors as well as poets, artists, and philosophers, both ancient and those in my contemporary life, who inspire me and encourage me with their courage and wisdom and beauty.

Please join me in a deeper whole-hearted journey of life.

I can be reached at   jeslmft (at) msn (dot) com

Or 651-351-0032