Solstice 2017

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No rush, midnight, Mid-year,

mid-light, shadow free

Strings of celestial harmony sing

Slowly, bow drawn with intention


Hush – don’t turn away or distract the heart

An invitation to pause, listen, wait

A flame burns now, once a flicker

Returning promises on air born crystals


Extraordinary ordinary rotation and return

My feet firmly planted on wheels of life

Energy faithful to the cosmic dance

Ancient unaltered celebrated known


Weary traveler, so dark, so long

My cloak hangs heavy, scuffing snow

My eyes, now shaded, hold on inhale

Anticipation its own reward


There, I hear it. I see it.

I know you now, familiar friend

One minute added.

Light returns.



Janet Hartwick Sterk





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  1. Always nice to read your words of wisdom….and today I will try to remember that anticipation is its own reward.

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